Crypto farm index fund in voltage finance farms

Suggestion for voltage finance. Please forward. Not anyone may know what to farm so i suggest creating a general crypto farm that evenly puts all incoming funds into each crypto fund so users may be able to keep steady returns without extra guesswork or headaches while maintaining support of all cryptos.

This is needed for a few reasons if not mentioned above:
-Support all crypto pairs fairly and equally and evenly
-diversification for crypto farm investors which can provide steadier return protection
-Less guess work which can make it more worth it for users/investors

APR can be determined either by averaging the apr of all the farms combined or other factors. Additionally they can eliminate some guess work of calculating the APR by updating the APR for the grouped farm weekly rather than daily. Could even be done automatically maybe with the help of an excel sheet or something.

I feel this is needed to make it easy for all and to invite more first time crypto farmers. And this can help drive attention to voltage finance.

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nice, i like the idea. From telegram discussions it seems what you’re implying is an even split of funds across different pools. If there are 10 pools, then 10% of funds should go in each pool.

One suggestion i have is that you go check in with Koil finance. They do auto-rebalancing for multi-asset pools.

The problem you’ll find is that as one pool suffers impermanent loss, it may shrink (may go from being 10% of the total pool to say, 5% of it). When that happens, a rebalance will need to be triggered. Koil does this sort of thing for general token investments, but i think setting up to work on farmed tokens should be doable

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This will need some kind of man power on this behind the scenes work on this.

One work around which i will now suggest separately is scheduled expiring of farms where they can’t just get the farms to expire abruptly but rather have scheduled so people can see the notice on time and take action on it.

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Great suggestion @oliver18754! Could you please post a copy of this proposal on the (Proposals - Voltage Finance) section? :pray: We are moving all Voltage related topics there to focus this forum on network related topics.

done Suggestion for a new new voltage finance farms index fund - Proposals - Voltage Finance

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