Fuse Wallet tx address problem


I cant send community token to community members using the address in text form.
When I search for phone number or scan qr code, i get to next screen where amount can be enter. But I cant select amount when copying and pasting address to address field.

Why is that? Is that a bug?

The address has to exist in the community for it to appear when you copy and paste it (so you can’t send to wallets outside the community.) However, it may also have to already exist in the Fuse wallet app of the sender. I’ve done some testing with other communities and once a wallet has been sent to (via QR for example) then copy and pasting the address does work . So, the list of community wallets may not be auto updating correctly.

Can you paste here the address you are trying to send to?

I just tried again, to send to the same address using address in text form. First it failed to proceed to the screen where amount can be entered, even after QR was scanned, it still didnt work when using txt address.

Now it seems to be working, when I tried sending to a txt address that was already scanned in with QR before- now it gave me another button underneath address bar to select, after pressing on it the amount form appeared.

I will try to find next new user and see, if I can send TÄNU to them using txt address for the first time, but only after they have joined in to the Maarahva Majandus Economy.

Also an idea. Would it be possible to join the Maarahva Majandus through another community member’s wallet? For example existing member can show QR code to new member from their Fuse Wallet, so new member can join community?

Or I must create website and put QR code there for new members to see?

Will keep you updated.