[Help] Is the Telegram Group Legit? The Admin is trying to scam my Private Key

So I bridged BNB from BSC to Fuse Mainnet via FuseSwap.

FuseSwap’s bridge promised to send extra Fuse as network gas but the Fuse didn’t arrive, so my BNB was stuck in Fuse Mainnet without gas.

I searched for the Telegram group and get this from Fuse’s official website.

Asked my question in the group, and the Telegram Bot asked me to contact a guy named @adamellisson. And this Adam Ellisson guy, dm me and send me a scam website, requesting me to key in my private key trying to steal my account.

I was shocked, how can the Official Telegram Group’s admin trying to scam someone else? Is this entire project even legit?

I get this Telegram’s link from the official website of Fuse.

The Fuse Telegram Bot did ask me to contact @adamellison, so it’s not me who contacted the wrong person

It’s fake. The bot will be a fake bot as well. Never give out ANY info or PK to anyone, ever.

And no team would ever ask for your keys, they would never need them.

Who ever has the keys owns the wallet - never tell anyone.