Marketplace Feature Request

Hello Everyone, my name is Trav and I’m the Community Manager at GoodDollar. GoodDollar is a digital coin and wallet that allows you to receive FREE digital basic income with real monetary value straight to your phone! For more information about GoodDollar please visit the official website here:

With that said, I would like to propose a “Feature Request” to the entire Fuse community in the form of a Marketplace. A “Marketplace Feature” developed by Fuse would allow communities on Fuse to interact and exchange goods and services with each other. To use the GoodDollar Community as an example, a group has been created on Facebook for members to exchange goods and services for G$ and it has grown to over 17,000 Community members. GoodDollar Marketplace Facebook Group

In addition to the “GoodDollar Marketplace” Facebook Group, we have created an instance on Sharetribe, which is a custom community Marketplace Platform. GoodDollar Marketplace on Sharetribe

In just 2 weeks we have seen community members from all over the world posting items for sale. While this platform (Sharetribe) has offered more features than the Facebook Group, there are still issues that need to be solved. Here are a few issues that we have experienced so far that I think could be solved with a Fuse Marketplace Feature:

1. On-Platform Transactions
Currently, anytime 2 community members want to exchange a digital good or service within the Facebook Group, they have to use Facebook Messenger to send a payment link. This is not ideal, as the payment can not be verified on the Platform (Facebook.) This allows for “scams” to happen where the buyer will pay the seller and never receive the good/service in return. An “On-Platform” (Fuse Marketplace) transaction system could allow for payment verification to eliminate counterparty risk.

2. Seller Reviews
Both Facebook and Sharetribe do not allow for a “Seller Review” feature. This feature is essential for users to be able to have transparency with who they are interacting with, and what their history of selling items on the marketplace has been. This also helps prevent scams as sellers receive feedback from buyers, which will help future buyers make decisions on who they would like to interact and exchange with.

3. Community Members Who Don’t Use Facebook
The Fuse Marketplace Feature would provide a valuable alternative to those community members who do not have a Facebook account and therefore can not participate in the GoodDollar Community Facebook group.

These are a few of the key issues facing the community in regards to a Marketplace Platform where they can interact with each other and exchange goods and services for cryptocurrency on the Fuse Blockchain. I believe that a Fuse Marketplace Feature would provide a solution to these issues.

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Hi Trav, there’s definitely a need to provide a market for g$, and you’ve identified some of the issues.

It is a huge undertaking to develop market place software, I don’t believe it’s something Fuse team would do themselves.

Would be a great product for a third party to build on the network, all the infrastructure is there.

However, it may be easier to integrate crypto payments (G$) within an existing open source marketplace, than try to build a new one?

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Hi Trav,
Just to make sure - you also need listing to be done by the users, this is the main requirement no?

Hey Mark,

Thanks for reaching out.

That is correct. Users would need to have the ability to list their own items.