New community on fuse


I Have just created a Maarahva Majandus economy on fuse network. :+1:

I did that by getting 0.1 fuse from the faucet and created a new wallet from metamask.
So now I have minted 10234 tokens and we plan to start distributing them to users of our forum- which is also on Disourse! :slight_smile:

The Token currency addres is here:

So I have a few questions now…
How can we start using the mobile wallet to also distribute the coins face2face.?
I tried joining the community from android app but could not join for some reason. Am I missing something here?
How are my community tokens fees being paid? Do I need to prepay- like buy FUSE and store in certain wallet?
About that… I wanted to buy some FUSE as well, but The ETH fees are just ridiculous at this point for me. How can I get some FUSE without paying ETH gas? Anyone willing to swap for some other coin?

Also I think I saw a notification that I have been rewarded some FUSE for creating a new community but I cant locate them for some reason. Where did they land?