Once coin created where can I exchange and price it?

Wondering if there is a way to distribute newly created coins once created? This is to help discover/create a price for coin but also acts as a way to distribute.

So far seems the only way is to list a coin on an exchange but that costs a lot. Also DEXs don’t exactly solve this as you need to inject a lot of liquidity and userbase isn’t all on DEXs.

Is there a way to give the coin a home so to speak like an exchange creator tool, perhaps this can be inbuilt into the studio/wallet.

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You are better off going to the telegram channel for an answer, this forum isnt really used and only gets looked at by a half a dozen users.


Okay thanks, will join, also found this useful info on listing DEX and starting an exchange.

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You could use platforms like HollaEx Kit to create your own coin and a exchange. It would allow you to essentially create a eco system for the coin itself rather than listing the token on limited exchanges who probably wont list it.

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