Unable to Stake FUSE tokens

Hello - I’m having difficulty staking my FUSE tokens. When I connect my wallet, it does not recognize that I have a FUSE balance. I’ve added the FUSE Network but still, nothing appears. My FUSE tokens are in my metamask under the main network. Am I missing a step? thanks

I understand you have added the Fuse network to your metamask, and your Fuse tokens are still in the Main network.
You need to send the fuse from Mainnet to Fusenet via the bridge, then you can stake.
Please watch this short video and it will show you simply how to do this.

My validation node is called Fusible, if this reply was any help you are welcome to stake your tokens on my node.

Glad to see you joining the fuse family.

I have a similar problem. When I try hit connect wallet on the staking page, I do not get the option to select metamask. How do I fix that?

I’m sorry I dont know why that is.
This forum isnt monitored often by fuse devs, please check into Telegram, all your questions will be answered there promptly.
install Telegram and go here Telegram: Contact @fuseio