Wallet Functionality in a web interface

Currently the only ‘web interface’ to Fusenet is the explorer, where it’s possible to see the transactions for a wallet.

However, to move tokens (pay companies, send money etc) one still needs to use technical crypto methods on metamask or other crypto interface to send tokens to a wallet address.

It would be good to have a webpage (accessible for Windows/Mac users) that has the same (or more) functionality as the mobile wallet app. I.e. Easy login, crypto abstraction, paying/moving money to ‘real people’ rather than addresses, community business lists etc.

Fuse could build the white label framework for this as another open source feature for the network.

I guess the question is more “when” than “if”. Or more importantly how? .

Should desktop wallet be prioritized and or built by foundation or as a bounty by community.

Fuse core should remain focused on the pilots, studios, networks, and partners which currently are focused on Mobile. I think this would be an ideal community initiative personally that could come with foundation support.

Rob - fuseprime.com, [06.10.20 10:22]
[In reply to Isaac]
A white label framework would be beneficial. Certainly useful for adding more sophisticated ‘banking’ functionality - timed payments, recurring payments, community front end etc.

As for “now or later” - For the size of communities using Fuse atm, it’s probably not an urgent requirement. But would be nice to see something in the next 6-9months, as it will be a requirement for larger communities, and a great addition to the Fusenet software stack.

Isaac, [06.10.20 10:25]
[In reply to Rob - fuseprime.com]
I agree completely, also added a bit to my previous response on the forum version.

Personally, I think this would be specifically an important framework for community members to build based on foundation grants or community proposals.

Also, i think the timeline of 6-9 months seems very reasonable but will depend a lot on the pilots and partners and their needs. This is another reason why i think this type of decision is best implemented and voted on by the ecosystem.