Wallet update 1.1

  • Fuse Volts β€” a new token called Fuse Volts was created on the Fuse Studio as a featured community to become the new default test currency for the wallet. These tokens will serve the purpose of being the native currency for community tests, that previously required users to have DAI points to explore the wallet features. Now, to test out the wallet features all you need is to download the app on App Store or Google Play to receive free 10 Fuse Volts and explore all the features! You can also earn Fuse Volts for sending money to a friend and backing-up your wallet.

  • Multi-asset storage β€”the Fuse wallet can now store multiple digital assets, and any ERC-20 compliant digital asset, unlike before when one asset per community was supported. This is a huge step towards higher liquidity, customization, and wholesome user-end experience with multiple asset management.

  • Full Ethereum support β€” the wallet now allows for full Ethereum support which means you can now hold any ERC-20 on mainnet or on Fuse using the same interface! Sending assets is easy using the same fee abstraction interface (fees are paid in the asset you send and not in ETH). Sending assets on Fuse is free by default as opposed to Ethereum mainnet fees which are considerably higher.

  • German language support β€” we added the German language to our growing list of supported languages.

  • Pin-code page β€” You can now set your pin code to secure your wallet as part of the onboarding process. Face ID/Fingerprint options are available depending on your phone software.

  • Country list β€” a fix to a recent issue with country list selection many users have faced with. Now users are able to see a list of country codes to choose from with improved UI.

  • General improvements β€” some more general upgrades include improvements to security, usability, and speed of the Fuse wallet app.

Try out these new features yourself! Download the app on App Store or Google Play.

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