CityZEN - Start-up that wants to build on Fuse

Hello Fuse Community,

I am Bronisz, I’m the main architect of CityZEN, an investor and a fan of Fuse too!
CityZEN is a start-up: we are currently undergoing an incubation process.
We build a real-world product, with real-world use case. We would love to integrate Fuse and foster open-source economy adoption with you guys.

You will find our presentation in the above link. Let us know what you think. Do you guys feel the synergy?


Very interesting. I am curious as to what the power bank is.
This is a real word device that will be for rent?
Is it for long term rent?
Is it to be used with-in the business that you are on-boarding?
Is this a Power Brick like one can use for a electronic mobile device?
How large a market is for that?

I see that you are based in Poland, but you are
eventually after all of the EU market.

What is you time frame for that?
Would this only be available to crypto users?
You are Planning to expand to charging stations for EV?

Fuse already has a thriving dedicated community
that reaches around the globe.

Is there something we can do to get involved?
Are you planning on creating incentives for the existing fuse community?

Urban Exploration System:
Is this an independent feature from the PowerBank Sharing?
Will it be available sooner in more markets?
Do you have plans to expand this globally? ie. outside of the EU?
Is the info given in Urban Explore provided by some of the users? Or is this all project provided?

I watched the video after writing these questions,
so some of them have been answered,
but a more in-depth explanation of everything would be greatly appreciated.

Both look great, There is a lot of information to take in, with a clean user friendly look.
Thank you for your time and interest in the Fuse Network.

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Hey buddy, thank you for reviewing our proposal and the feedback!

First, let me answer your questions:

Also, let me give you more context:

We are going build a powerbank sharing infrastructure as a foundation (core business). Powerbank sharing system has an untapped potential to scale and build towards entertainment/leisure. Having our CityZEN stations all across the city we are going to map out local businesses. This is a gateway to build an “Exploration System” where users can explore and discover new interesting places and events. Our ambition is to make exploration system as intuitive as “swipe right/swipe left” in order to protect our users from infobesity. Within 24 months, our goal for CityZEN is to become a platform for community of explorers where they can interact, exchange opinion and media, get rewards, buy tickets etc. We also have plans to develop our own open-source economy based on blockchain.

We want to aggregate cool venues within Europe and market them to all smartphone users. We want to match both parties, similar to how Tinder matches people.

In the meantime, we are planning to expand further with our energy products.

CityZEN is envisioned with scalability and diversification in mind.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your quick response.

This sounds very exciting. Clean renewable energy is a hot topic with today’s energy costs, and global financial situation. Do you foresee CityZEN getting involved in the solar market? Or scaling up to the point that a powerBank could be used for a home?

What technology are you planning to use for your batteries?
Are they going to be of you own manufacture and design?

Unfortunately i live outside of your market area, so i will not be able to directly take part in this project, but i would be very interested in your open-source economy.
Can we expect this to be a token available to to trade on fuse network?
Do you have a time frame on that if so?

I appreciate you time

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We want to go green eventually and we have some plans to do so. Thanks for sharing the link, this is interesting!

Fuse’s technology is a great fit to empower local communities and that’s what we strive to do. I would really like to have a call with someone from the team to discuss on how we want to do it.

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@misha or @Lucas i think could help you with this. Personally i am just an enthusiast and Validator operator ,who keeps tabs here and other fuse social media outlets for developments.


Welcome to the Fuse community @Bron_CityZEN! :raised_hands:

First of all, thank you for your post and interest in integrating CityZEN on Fuse - imho creating an open-source economy via powerbank sharing and urban exploration system sounds very innovative and like something very suitable for the Fuse ecosystem!

I’m forwarding your proposal and contact info to our BD team to reach back and explore synergies and ways we can help you build on Fuse. :mechanical_arm:



Thanks man. Your questions were to the point and supplemented out presentation. Great speaking to you, thank you for your interest and support.


Thanks a ton. We’re excited, especially that the project begins in Krakow, our beloved city and we want to see it grow and bloom.

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