Fuse Network Nethermind Client Release

Fuse Network Nethermind Client Release

eth_estimateGas && Javascript Tracers

Dear Fuse Nethermind-Client Developers and Validators. We are thrilled to announce a significant improvement addressing a critical edge case when calling eth_estimateGas and the addition of JavaScript Tracers. We have updated the Nethermind Version to Fuse-nethermind v1.25.2

:hammer_and_wrench: Fix: Javascript Tracer Support

We’re elevating Fuse Nethermind-Client’s functionality by integrating support for Javascript Tracers. This technical advancement allows developers to trace Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) transactions more precisely and flexibly. This is an important update as it enables ERC4337 bundlers to be run in a safe mode, which will enhance the Account Abstraction ecosystem on Fuse.

For an in-depth understanding of Javascript Tracers and how they seamlessly integrate with Fuse Nethermind-Client, we recommend reviewing the technical documentation at Ethereum.org.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fix: eth_estimateGas

Bid farewell to uncertainties! The Fuse Blockchain Team has successfully resolved an edge case issue related to eth_estimateGas. In the past, a transaction could encounter issues even after invoking this method, returning an error. With this fix, users can expect to view the right error message: Reverted Incorrect Publickey or Signature Points.

:date: Release Date

Stay tuned! This enhancement promises to elevate your Nethermind-Client experience on Fuse.

:mag: Affected Components

This update primarily targets Validators running the Nethermind-Client

:wrench: Node Operators Tasks

To fully capitalize on these enhancements, we urge all network operators (validators, rpc nodes, etc) to upgrade their Nethermind nodes promptly. Detailed instructions are on our official GitHub page at Fuse fuse-network. Follow the guide.

Join the Community Technical updates call happening LIVE on 25th January, 2:00 PM UTC.

:star2: Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Fuse ecosystem. Let’s code the future together!

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