How to bridge USDT, purchase fuse and stake fuse tokens

In this example I am going to use Metamask wallet.

Before I started, my wallet was configured for Ethereum network where i had USDT (erc20 token). Also keep ETH in your wallet for gas fees.

  1. First add fuse network.
    a) Click on Ethereum Mainnet on the top and select “Custom RPC”
    b) Give the network name as “Fuse Network” (you can call it anything you want)
    put as “New RPC URL”
    122 as chain ID
    Fuse as Currency Symbol
    and as “Block explorer URL”
    c) Click on save and fuse network is now added to Metmask. Now you can select from the drop down list “Fuse Network”. Stay on Ethereum for now

  2. Lets bridge USDT from Ethereum to Fuse.
    a) In your browser visit and click on “Bridge”
    b) Select USDT token from the drop down list (you can also bridge other tokens like WETH but in this example we are using USDT.
    c) Enter the amount of USDT you want to bridge (i.e 100) or select Max and it will show the maximum amount you have in your wallet.
    d) Click on Approve USDT (green bar)
    e) This will take you to metamask, review the transaction fees and click on “confirm”. The transaction fees is taken from your ETH balance. if confirm button is greyed out (you cannot click) then this means you have insufficient or no ETH to pay for Ethereum gas fees.
    f) On the green bar it will say “Approving USDT”, wait for this to complete, this may take few seconds. g) Once this is complete click on “Transfer” (green bar)
    h) This will take you to metamask, review the amount + gas fees and click on “confirm” .
    i) On the green bar it will say “Waiting for 0/2 confirmations”, wait for this to complete.
    Once completed, you can check the USDT token balance in you wallet under the Fuse Network .
    j) Stay connected to Fuse Network on Metamask

  3. Lets swap USDT for Fuse tokens
    a) On your browser where you have , click on “Swap”
    b) Select USDT on the top section (From) and select the amount you want to swap
    c) Select Fuse from the bottom section (To) and it will show you the amount of fuse tokens you will get for the amount of USDT. you can also see the price per token you will get and the liquidity fees
    d) Once you are happy, lick on the Swap button (green bar)
    e) Review and Confirm when asked for transaction fees in metamask
    f) Wait for the swap to complete, once completed you can see the Fuse balance in your wallet.

  4. if you want to stake Fuse, follow the instructions below.
    a) On metamask, stay connected to fuse network
    b) On your web browser visit
    c) On the top right side, click on “Connect Wallet” (connect to your metamask account) , this will take you to metamask where it will show you the account, click on “Next” and click on “Connect”
    d) Your wallet address now should be shown on top right side of the page, if not, refresh browser page
    It will show you the Fuse token balance you have in your wallet
    d) From list of validators select a validator you want to you, I suggest use one with highest “UP TIME” (i.e 100%), in my case I selected “Mantra DAO” due to 100% uptime but you can select any.
    f) You will also see how many tokens are staked by the validators and the fees they charge. Once you have decided on a validator , move your mouse pointer to the name and you will see “Stake” button, click on “Stake”
    g) On the right hand side box, you will now see the “Project Rewards” in APY (Annual percentage Yield). This is the reward you will get for staking your tokens, if this says 50% then you will get 50% fuse tokens if you stake for 1 year, you can stake it for as long as you want and you will get rewards on pro rata basis
    Now select the amount of fuse tokens you want to stake, leave very small amount for gas. If you want h) to stake all, select “100%” button and it will take the right amount leaving some for gas.
    Now click on “Stake” button and within seconds you will get confirmation and on the dashboard you will see the amount you are now staking. Make a note of the balance in your wallet, you will see this growing as you keep getting reward. You can stake earned rewards also if you like.

Hope this helps

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Great write up. You could paste that into a medium post as well if you wanted, that’s a good place to point users to. :muscle: :+1: :+1:

OK thanks for your feedback, let me try to add it to medium