Important Announcement: Bug Fix - Double Jailing Issue Resolution

Dear Fuse Community,

We hope this message finds you well. Our development team has been actively working on addressing a critical issue related to the Consensus contract on the Fuse chain. We have identified a bug that poses the risk of validators encountering a double jailing scenario, preventing them from leaving the jail.

Problem Overview:

The issue arises from an edge case where a validator may be jailed twice, specifically after submitting a maintenance request and remaining inactive in the subsequent cycle.

Affected Component:

Consensus Contract.


To rectify this problem, we are implementing a comprehensive fix to address the identified edge case. Our goal is to ensure the seamless operation of the consensus mechanism and prevent validators from facing unnecessary “double jailing” scenarios.

Release Date:

The fix is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2024. We are committed to delivering a robust solution and appreciate your patience as we work towards the resolution.

Voting Process:

To implement this fix, we are introducing a voting process within the Fuse chain. Validators are kindly requested to participate in this crucial decision-making phase. The vote will determine the adoption of the double jailing resolution.

In line with our commitment to community governance, we are initiating a voting process to decide on the adoption of the proposed double jailing resolution. We invite all validators to actively participate in this decision-making process.

How to Vote:

Ballot Information:

ID: 27


Block: 28208871 (With blocks occurring every 5 seconds, voting opens approximately 23:00 UTC on February 26th, 2024)


Block: 28312551

To cast your vote for or against the proposed update, send a transaction to the voting contract. When doing so, use the vote function, entering the ballot ID and your decision (choose 1 for acceptance, 2 for rejection) as the parameters.

Validator Tasks:

  • Vote on the Proposed Update.
  • The voting process will be conducted through an on-chain vote on the Fuse chain.
  • Validators are encouraged to participate in decision-making by voting on the proposed update.
  • Share your insights and opinions on the proposal in the community forum to foster informed decision-making.

Detailed information on the voting process can be found in the Docs Vote | Fuse Documentation

Details on the new consensus contract:

We appreciate your cooperation and involvement in ensuring the stability and reliability of the Fuse network. Your active participation in the voting process is crucial for successfully implementing this bug fix.