Thoughts on Ampere Finance?

reference: Ampere Finance

Thoughts on Saw this advertised through News reel. Noticed some of the gains seem a bit farfetched - currently advertising 14637.49% on Current deposits via Fuse Network. Finding their proprietary coins on Fuse requires adding a custom token. Amp and Current value has dropped consistently low since paying attention to this platform. The app seems a bit broken in places. Even adding to the liquidity pool via Fuse is giving issues to add to farming - wfuse-current becomes fuse-current without notice. Now the majority of pools have shut down. Seems there needs to be some kind of audit into the validity of this platform. Agree?

It’s a genuine project. The genesis pools have stopped as they only ran a week. Amp and Current LP pools are correct as they are active. Loop shows the incorrect APR in the UI as it’s not active.

Amp team are doxed to Voltage and they have a proposal to work together that’s passed. Market drop has slowed progress. Community committed and it had over $600k TVL when it started.

I’ve used both Amp and Current LPs, no issue with using them. Think it’s just a UI typo.

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Good to know. Still have some stake in. Hopefully all markets bounce back soon.

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Still have hopes for Ampere, i think it will survive the current market, and will make an incredible recovery :rocket: