Auto-Compounding On Staked Fuse

I was wondering if something like this could be deployed …Just a suggestion

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Definitely a good improvement idea @RED, auto-compounding is generally a common request for so we can expect this feature added in the near future!

personally i like to manually compound, i get a kick out of keeping track of my deposits into the consensus contract, so i hope that will still be an option,
on another note, what about a percentage boost for locking my delegated fuse for 6 month 9 months, or even a year. when can we expect to see that? :star_struck:


Yeah this sounds good

I know few coins which gives 3x LP reward boost if u lock their coins for minimum of 7 days to max 3 years …the longer the duration the better

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There is, which offers a fuse validator rewards vault that does autocompounding. There’s a small difference in APY (I think about 0.3% more for autocompounding)

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