Beefy x Fuse Grant Proposal


Beefy wants to apply for a Grant to validate the Fuse blockchain.
Highlight of Beefy collaboration with Fuse to deploy a BIFI-FUSE LP


Beefy Finance is a Decentralized, Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings.
Through a set of investment strategies secured and enforced by smart contracts, Beefy Finance automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs),‌ ‌automated market making (AMM) projects,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other yield‌ farming ‌opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem.
The main product offered by Beefy Finance are the ‘Vaults’ in which you stake your crypto tokens. The investment strategy tied to the specific vault will automatically increase your deposited token amount by compounding arbitrary yield farm reward tokens back into your initially deposited asset. Despite the name ‘Vault’ suggests, your funds are never locked in any vault on Beefy Finance: you can always withdraw at any moment in time.
DeFi applications are unique in the sense that they are permissionless and trustless, meaning that anyone with a supported wallet can interact with them without the need for a trusted middleman. While you have funds staked in a vault, you remain 100% in control of your crypto.


Beefy truly believes in the decentralized, multi-chain world, so we want to help secure the Fuse chain by validating its transactions. For this we will need 100,000 FUSE tokens to start a validator.

Beefy and Fuse are collaborating on a partnership that will help us launch the BIFI-FUSE trading pair. For this Beefy will put $50,000 worth of BIFI, and Fuse will add the same amount worth of FUSE.

This will create a nice liquidity base for users to trade into BIFI, and stake it on the BIFI Earn pool, to earn FUSE (collected from Beefy’s performance fees)


A validator on the Fuse Network after we deploy on the chain.
Beefy deployed on the chain, users being able to trade BIFI on Fuse

We need 100,000 FUSE ($30,000) tokens to start the validator. Beefy will also put $50,000 of BIFI, and Fuse will contribute the same amount

The development cost will be covered by Beefy.


Hi, thanks for the proposal.

Are the vaults for LP rewards only, or can they be used for staking with a validator?
How often are they compounded?
Would the contracts public and verified?
What is the UI (website/dapp address) and how will Fuse Vaults show in the UI.


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Hi @RB_1010 In Beefy’s vaults you always get more of what you deposited. So LP tokens, or Single tokens. The compound frequency depends on many things, one being the TVL of the vault, and also the price of gas on the chain. In cheap chains harvests are really frequent unlocking all the power of compounded interests.
Beefy’s contracts are always verified and public, and the site is you will won’t be able to connect to Fuse yet since we haven’t deployed there, but you will in the near future.

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Hi Frondoto. Thanks for your proposal.

Great news, Beefy on Fuse sounds like a great addition.

For rewards; does this mean the projects of which the tokens are listed on Beefy will have to supply rewards?

Also; will Beefy provide rewards for their own token on Fuse?

Hi @Lucas , thanks for your question.

About the projects we list. We don’t require extra tokens for listings. The only requirement is that they pass our strict security checks.

We agree with some projects to boost their vaults with their tokens, to increase the APY on their vaults. This has many benefits, one is that users feel attracted by the higher returns, and they are more likely to provide liquidity on those platforms. We also run promotions, blog posts, announcements, and other types of communication with those who decide to provide a bit of extra tokens to distribute. Beefy distributes in full the tokens provided by the partner. It is also a good technique to increase token holders.

About the BIFI rewards. BIFI is quite scarce. There is only 80,000 BIFI, and the minter was burned, so we don’t have a big supply to provide incentives on top. The best thing that we offer to users is the high APY (due to the facts that our fees are one of the lowest on the market), and the peace of mind that we do everything that is possible to have their money safe.

Let me know if I replied your questions and we really looking forward to deploy on Fuse!

Thanks for the reply.

We’re going to vote on this proposal.

The Fuse Assembly can only vote on our grant (the 100,000 Fuse tokens), but it will be conditional on the other requirements detailed below.

The 100,000 Fuse tokens will be on Fuse Network, and the grant paid once the 3 conditions below are fulfilled.

A validator on the Fuse Network after we deploy on the chain.

100,000 FUSE tokens to start the validator.


  1. Beefy deployed on the Fuse Network, users being able to trade BIFI on Fuse.
  2. Beefy will put $50,000 of BIFI, and Fuse will contribute the same amount.
  3. The development cost will be covered by Beefy.
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Congratulations to Beefy Finance - the grant proposal has been accepted and voted for by the DAO.

We look forward to seeing Beefy deploy on Fuse Network, the integration of BIFI token with other DeFi products, and the start of the Beefy Validator node.


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