"Chocomint"; NFT minting tool on Fuse


A decentralized NFTs minting tool, Chocomint would like to apply for a $50,000 FUSE (Approximately $17,000) grant to:

  • Operate to allow anyone to issue Fuse NFTs free of charge (except for gas).
  • Develop additional features like NFT Bulk Minter or NFT Indexer
  • Upgrade frontend

Chocomint : https://factory.chocomint.app/


Fuse blockchain is fast and has the cheapest traction compared to other EVM compatible blockchains and also has a big NFT Marketplace like Tofu NFT. However, Fuse still doesn’t have the NFT issue tool and indexer. That lacks user experience about NFT on Fuse Network. Our vision is to compensate for these parts and lower the barriers to entry for users into NFT activities at Fuse and grow the Fuse ecosystem with NFT.

About Chocomint

Chocomint is an NFT issuing tool that anyone can create their own contract NFT without any programming skills. We think that we shouldn’t charge for the minting of NFT (except gas fee), so Chocomint doesn’t take a commission from the users. In the future, we would like to add Indexer, Marketplace, and other functions to create an all-in-one NFT platform.

Features Description

NFT issuing tool V1 (already developed)

  • own contract
    The creator is the Owner and has control of the NFT contract, thus it is platform-independent.
  • less gas
    The NFT can be created with a small gas fee due to the high gas efficiency of the contract with the proxy pattern.
  • no skills required
    Even if you don’t have programming skills, you can create the NFTs easily.

NFT issuing tool V2 (β launched)

  • ERC2981 Royalty standard
    Support for royalty formats in various marketplaces.
  • Bulk Mint
    Can mint a large number of NFTs at once.
  • Easy to Airdrop
    Can mint a large number of NFTs directly to the addresses you designated
  • Can Whitelist
    It is possible to create the NFTs only whitelisted addresses can claim.
  • Lazy Mint
    It is also possible to have the minter pay for the gas.
  • Metadata can be decentralized
    Distributed storage services such as IPFS can be set for the metadata.


1 【Enhance NFT issuing tools】

  • Develop NFT Bulk Mint System
  • Develop A tool that can send a large number of NFTs at once
  • launch Chocomint V1 to mainnet (already deployed to testnet)

2 【Add necessities to the NFT ecosystem】

  • Develop a comprehensive NFT Marketplace
  • Add a feature to sell NFTs in bulk.
  • Develop NFT Indexer

3 【Aim for a more decentralized tool】

  • Integrate decentralized storage services, ex). Filecoin or Arweave so that metadata can last longer.
  • Provide SDKs and other tools to help users create their own marketplaces.

4 【Extend the use case of the NFTs】

  • Develop applications that enable NFT holders to create their limited content.
  • Integrate DID and VC systems to make NFT more useful and verifiable in the real world.

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Thanks for the proposal @Yuzu

The current DAO funding has all been allocated so we are not accepting new proposals at the moment.

There will be a new funding round in July which you can apply for. Full details of grant requirements will be published beforehand.


I would be interested in seeing how this develops. i feel like NFT could be a big thing on fuse, but we need the infrastructure to be here first.
As stated the negligible gas fees make this a great chain for development of NFT.

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