Deployment of ENS equivalent Fuse Domain Name Service (FNS) on Fuse


This draft FIP describes the details of the Fuse Domain Name Service (FNS), a proposed protocol and ABI definition that provides flexible resolution of short, human-readable names to service and resource identifiers, as defined in EIP-137 (ENS on Ethereum). This permits users and developers to refer to human-readable and easy to remember names, and permits those names to be updated as necessary when the underlying resource (contract, content-addressed data, etc) changes.

The goal of domain names is to provide stable, human-readable identifiers that can be used to specify network resources. In this way, users can enter a memorable string, such as ‘mark.fuse’ or ‘www.flambu.fuse’, and be directed to the appropriate resource. The mapping between names and resources may change over time, so a user may change wallets, or a website may change hosts, without the domain name changing.


As the ENS on Ethereum proved to be very useful and saw great adoption, we believe that a similar service on Fuse will be beneficial for Fuse and even see greater adoption thanks to lower transaction fees on Fuse network, as well as it will be useful for different applications being developed on Fuse for better UX. For example, each user of Flambu, may have their subdomain created for them automatically and connected to their wallet address in the app, so that users can easily send and receive funds by just typing the subnames under the specific domain related to the app (e.g. mark.flambu.fuse can send funds to maor.flambu.fuse, by just sending to maor inside the flambu app, which will be resolved to the full domain address maor.flambu.fuse to the connected wallet address).

In addition to the usefulness of the feature inside the apps, we believe it is a great opportunity for the Fuse ecosystem to have a domain service since the late announcement of ENS airdrop raised greater awareness and adoption, but many people that would like to have a specific domain on Ethereum ENS and can not afford the high transaction gas fees on Ethereum, can register their names on Fuse. Moreover, with the development of the new NFT marketplace on Fuse, people can buy/sell/swap their owned domain names as easily as any other NFT.


  • Make ENS available on the Fuse network with any necessary adjustments so that every individual or service can claim their domains which can in turn be used individually or on separate service levels by different organizations that build on Fuse.


  • Deploying ENS contracts on Fuse mainnet after adjusting the necessary parts - eg, the top-level domain will be .fuse instead of .eth
  • Creating a UI that connects with Fuse mainnet (and for testing purposes Spark testnet) for registering and setting Primary FNS aligned with Fuse’s brand guidelines

Cost of Registering domains on Fuse

Initially registration costs will be set at the following prices (same as in ENS, but will be effectively much cheaper to register on Fuse due to much lower transaction fees):

  • 5+ character .fuse names: $5 in FUSE per year.
  • 4 character .fuse names: $160 in FUSE per year.
  • 3 character .fuse names $640 in FUSE per year.

3 and 4 character names have higher pricing to reflect the small number of these names available.


TBD. We have already started testing the deployments and we will propose a budget after validating the deployment on Spark testnet.


Bertrand Juglas: Fuse Assembly member & Blockchain Engineer at Request Network, DevOps+ Cloud+Blockchain engineering background of 20 years

Maor Stamati: Fuse Assembly member, Co-founder & CEO of Flambu, QA, Backend & Full stack development background of 9 years.