Directory of fuse network related projects or websites etc

Also, maybe a directory to as much fuse network related projects or websites etc can help fuse users


Great suggestion. Fuse has an official ecosystem page, but to get on there projects first need to be vetted . Something here that is peer reviewed, but not endorsed by fuse might be a good way to handle this.

Adam Schuler

Hi @oliver18754! Thank you for posting this improvement suggestion - could you please elaborate on what do you mean by the directory? Do you mean something like a blog section/page where users can find more information about the projects/integration deployed on Fuse and how users can use/benefit from them?

Our content team is already populating the Fuse blog with tutorials and info pieces on such integrations + as @SupportivePengu mentions we also have the Fuse Ecosystem page where you can find all the integrations and projects deployed on Fuse so please let us know if those are what you are looking for :pray:

It would be best to improve/suggest improvements on the current or existing directories/places we have for this purpose