About the Proposals Section

:ballot_box: Are you looking to deploy your project on Fuse or want to propose a new integration for Fuse?

You found the right place! Leave your proposal using this template format below so the Fuse team & FuseDAO can efficiently review it and help you with the process:

  • Summary (summary of your proposal)
  • Motivation/Rationale (what’s the motivation behind this deployment, why Fuse?)
  • Benefits (How will this integration benefit the Fuse ecosystem and it’s users)
  • Deliverable (what and by when are you planning to deploy?)
  • Budget (required financial support/grant to deploy)
  • Additional information (any added info that is relevant)

Feel free to share your proposal with the Fuse community in our Telegram & Discord community channels:

:speech_balloon: Telegram community
:speech_balloon: Discord community