Fabwelt partnership proposal

Hello Team,

I’m Business Development Manager at Fabwelt,

Fabwelt creates games and technology to fully integrate blockchain technology for an advanced gameplay experience. High-end games will be developed for all types of genres like 3D First Person Shooters, Action-adventures games, Simulation games, Strategy games, Fantasy gaming, etc. All games Fabwelt products will be integrated with blockchain technology at its core. This means a full experience of in-game NFTs, Play to Earn, and in-game Defi!:robot:

Please check out our first game Arsenal.fabwelt.com (BETA VERSION)

We will be launching our mainnet on 30 Jan 2022

We have around 30k TG subscribers and 80k twitter followers, we can promoted your project on our channel with partnership deal which will bring in volumes to you from our community members and we have tied with multiple gaming and metaverse we can help you getting them too.

Please let me know if your interested so that we can come up with best possible use case which can benefit both of us, we can schedule and meet and take it further. I believe we can help your project growth and get good exposure in our community

Feel Free to TG me @ruby_naaz

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Hi Ruby - will DM on telegram :+1: