Promotion of Fuse NFT artists and projects

Good day. :grinning: I was and eager and participant in the Unlock the Power of G$ on Artrific
I am looking to show my continued appreciation of the opportunity to help promote G$ fuse NFTs and Artrific. Artrific - Your own unique NFTs
All proceeds from my collection Yetti, have been added to the G$/Fuse LP and farm on
rewards from this are dropped weekly to a Yetti holder.
I feel like i can be doing more for both G$ , Artrific and Fuse network NFTs artists.
I have created a Gnosis safe on Fuse network
Those not familiar with Gnosis safes can read up on it here:

Gnosis Safe Multisig Live on Fuse | by Fuse | Fuse | Medium

The idea behind Gnosis is that funds are controlled by multiple people, all transactions made from the safe take the β€˜signing’ of at least 2 people.
3 of us that are looking to help promote Fuse network NFT projects have come together and added 100 fuse each. The funds added will be used as a weekly reward for a social promotion campaign we will be running on Twitter. To start this will run 10 weeks.
Participants will have to complete simple tasks. We are trying to build a network of users, that will help make Fuse the network, Artrific the venue, and G$ the currency for new and existing NFT projects.
I am looking for more people who would be willing and able to be part of this endeavor.
Our goal is to have the weekly reward be at least 50 fuse. ($4.00 at current prices).
if you are interested in contributing or participating in any way, please feel free to reach out to me via Telegram app. Telegram: Contact @Adam1schuler
Bringing light to Fuse Network in any way shape or form is a good thing. This weekly contest/promotion will help highlight some of the possibilities available because of the cheap gas and network speed. Fuse, Gooddolar, Artrific, Artists and NFT Projects shopuld all benifit from this venture


This sounds interesting. Who are the signers on the safe? Got an example of a camapign?

It is me, your favorite pengu :star_struck:
@ardrian from fuse faces, :innocent:
@xst24 creator of Soldiers of Empire and Happy New Year collections on :rabbit:
Ultimately i would love to have a Gleam type task list, but that is a bit out our the budget. I am very open to ideas, right now i am think whoever get the most hits a Tweet or thread promoting any NFT, project, or artist, currently listed on Artrific, preferably listing for purchase in G$ . i want to talk with @Fuse about possibly incorporating an announcement every so often though MIDLE.
We are still looking for a couple more people who can contribute 100 fuse each to this, and pitch in as signers on the Safe.
thanks for the interest @Robert_Miller and welcome back to the forum. your input would be greatly appreciated. :wink: :wave:

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OK I’m in. Will help get others involved as well.

Promotion is live,
Please make sure to follow all rules/requirements to be eligible for entry

Good luck every one.
remember this is about creating a network of users artists and projects on fuse network.
please support each other in this, follow and like each-other. the winning analytics will hopefully come from outside our normal user base. :star_struck:

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