Fuse integration of Tribute DAO

What is

CapsuleProd. (by CinéCapsule) is the first film financing platform marketplace powered by blockchain.

For all cinema lovers, this is a space to invest in film through a DAO, built with TributeDAO instead of XDAO because it’s fully open source, which gives the :old_key: to customization.


Our team, complementary, international and is composed of 2 pole-expertises:

  1. Pole film production: Laura Terminio (CEO) has 10 years of experience in film productions

  2. Pole web3: Bertrand Juglas (CTO) has 7 years experience in web 3 development and Marjorie Ngoupende (developer) 2 years.

Evidence of success/traction till date

In September 2020, we launched CinéCapsule, a platform to stream film festivals, and we’ve hosted film festivals worldwide, collecting more than 20k subscribers to our newsletter.

We’ve created a first NFT collection on FUSE (Love is in the air :heart:: https://www.cinecapsule.cc/), to test the interest of web3 to our public, so film passionate, who are already comfortable with the digital. The collection was sold out in less than 24 hours.


  • Integration of Fuse in TributeDAO contract deployment - 31 May
  • Tribute UI customization for FuseDAO (to be discussed for this summer)
  • Integration of NFT extension (to be discussed for this summer)

Killer features

  • Based on MolochDAO so including Rage quit :wave:

Grant request

  • 8k€ including 2k€ to start and 2k€ for each milestone achieved