Introducing: Fuse Request for Comments (FRC)

Introducing “Fuse Request for Comments (FRC)”


The governance process of the Fuse Network is designed to be transparent, open to new contributors, and decentralized. To that end, we use several different tools to engage with the Fuse community and stakeholders.

The Fuse Request for Comments (FRC) is an important tool used to introduce - and receive community feedback - various proposals that affect the Network’s governance, tokenomics, funding, etc.

Each proposal is open for vote by community members. Each vote is limited in time - time limitations may change. Members are welcome to vote and add additional feedback and questions.

An approved proposal will be implemented by the Fuse Network, sometimes followed by a related FIP or a revised proposal. Fuse will publish timely updates on each approved proposal.

What are FRCs?

FRCs are different proposals concerning changes in the governance, tokenomics, structure, or other decisions concerning the Fuse Network.

FRCs are not necessarily technical changes and improvements. Often a Fuse Improvement Proposal (FIP) will follow the FRC. Sometimes, however, there will be no need for a technical change.

Some FRCs are rather straightforward and require a response with respect to a particular project grant, for instance. Some FRCs are more complex and will be followed by detailed explanations and several questions open to vote.

What are FIPs?

Fuse Improvement Proposals (FIPs) are formal proposals for Fuse Network updates that typically address technical changes and enhancements to the network’s protocols, consensus, infrastructure, or features, aiming to improve its overall performance, security, or usability.

All FIPs should provide motivation and technical specifications for the feature. FIPs are already part of the governance process of Fuse Network and have a formal weighted voting process that is limited to the on-chain community including Fuse Network validators and FUSE token holders.

How do FRCs relate to FIPs:

If a complex technical update is voted positively via the FRC, the next step for its approval becomes the FIP on-chain voting by the Fuse community via Snapshot

How do FRCs Work?

  1. Once the proposal is posted on the Forum, community members can discuss and provide feedback on the proposal. This discussion is carried out in the forum. Anyone can post a proposal.
  2. Temperature Check: For each proposal, a question (or several questions) will be clearly formulated and a forum poll can be created to reply to each such question. This serves as a temperature check.
  3. Voting: Additionally, the proposal moves to the snapshot phase where a formal weighted vote is conducted. The snapshot vote passes if a majority votes YES AND the quorum of required YES votes is met.
  4. Proposal Execution: If the proposal receives enough votes to pass, it will be executed according to the proposed schedule, or in accordance with the later updates to the community.
  5. Follow-up: We will provide updates on the progress and impact of the proposal. This should be done via regularly posted updates on our forum and website.

How Can I Participate?

  1. We welcome any and all engagement with the community, using the forum, social media or otherwise. We especially welcome your feedback on the forum.
  2. To provide feedback and participate in the forum votes, all you need to do is log in the Fuse Forum.
  3. To vote during the snapshot phase, you need to hold FUSE to be eligible to participate in the weighed vote.