UniSwap v3 deployment for concentrated liquidity pools

To provide concentrated liquidity of G$ token on Fuse DeFi the W3HC is deploying UniSwap v3 on Fuse testnet to confirm swaps can work from concentrated liquidity pools.
You can follow the progress at GitHub - w3hc/uniswap-v3-deploy: CLI to deploy Uniswap V3 to any Ethereum compatible network
The deployment will be done automatically by GitHub Actions for full transparency of deployments while waiting for full verification on Fuse blockchain explorer.
The UI will be deployed on IPFS to make it decentralized public good.
Constructive feedback is welcome, you can look at Issues · w3hc/uniswap-v3-deploy · GitHub for next steps and propose your ideas there.
We will add more details later when it will be testable.
Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for sharing @bert0x.

So if I understand correctly, 2 main goals:

  • G$ liquidity concentrated liquidity.
  • Provide UI as a public good.

Do you see this deployment growing beyond this scope in the future? I believe Voltage Finance will also be deploying v3 as part of their short term roadmap. Would this concentrated G$ liquidity then be redeployed on Voltage Finance when ready?

FYI @marksmargon


To make people try on Fuse providing concentrated liquidity, a first test UI has been deployed at Coineus but it’s only for tests for now because we are configuring the swap part to make it work.
To reply to your 2 questions :

  • I see this deployment growing beyond this scope because we will use it also for the concentrated liquidity of the GoodCFA token we are also creating. And Coineus wants to use it for his ecosystem tokens too because we can’t wait anymore for Voltage.
  • We want to provide an alternative to Voltage Finance which as far I know is not at all a public good. So we will move all our liquidity from Voltage to our own DEX as SushiSwap has moved liquidity from UniSwap to provide alternative too.

For your information, Celo and many other EVM chains have already UniSwap v3 providing concentrated liquidity and G$ has better price impact on Celo than on Fuse that’s why GoodDollar Ambassadors and Moderators are now rewarded in G$ on Celo instead of Fuse.

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