Support Fuse Blockchain on Coinhub Wallet


I would say Fuse blockchain is getting a lot of traction these days. Actually we did not know about the fuse blockchain before but some of users requested us to integrate Fuse mainnet to Coinhub wallet. I am writing this proposal on behalf of our community members who would love to see Fuse integrated to Coinhub wallet.

Coinhub Wallet

Coinhub wallet, A gateway to Web3. Coinhub is the most amazing user-friendly decentralized multi-chain wallet serving the DeFi ecosystem. Coinhub has 2Million+ Registered users, 40+ Public Chains integrated, 1,500+ Dapps. We have dedicated 400K+ active community members from across the globe. Coinhub offers swap and bridge function from Transit. Coinhub integrates wallet, data and finance, mining, trading and other functions, enabling you to manage your multi-chain assets easily.
Below are the 6 Featured Functions

  • Secure and Convenient
  • Hot Multi-chain DApps and Support NFT
  • Market Data: Timely, Transparent, Cheap and Secure
  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Truly Open Source
  • Privacy Protection

We have very dedicated organic community which is crypto friendly. We have 100k+ Daily active users who are based in South East Asia, Europe, USA and China. We are believer of web3 and always ready to collaborate, form new partnerships and grow together for mutual benefits.

As we have many users who want to use Fuse mainnet on coinhub wallet, Fuse mainnet will expand through our users. we will be providing the following to Fuse blockchain:

  • Integration of Fuse mainnet and native token to Coinhub wallet
  • Supporting projects built on Fuse Blockchain
  • AMA in our community
  • Co-Marketing
  • Airdrop activities
  • Special week for Fuse Blockchain in coinhub with many great activities which will boost Fuse presence in our community and will increase users for Fuse blockchain.

$10000 in grants


Hi @shezi! Thank you for your proposal - could you please post some relevant links to social accounts of Coinhub wallet? Cheers :pray:

Hi Misha, Thanks for your reply. You can find all the links here @CoinhubWallet | Linktree. If you have any other question please let me know happy to answer :smiley:


Not a fan of Coinhub wallet, personally had bad experience and had to uninstall it. Now using trust wallet on mobile and infinity wallet on desktop as far much better

thank you for the information @shezi I believe the teams are now in contact. :mechanical_arm:
@hitiye78 thank you for the feedback!