Infinity Wallet Fuse Grant Proposal

This proposal is to integrate/support Fuse and its ecosystem within the Infinity Wallet, to allow for seamless usability, accessibility and discoverability of the Fuse ecosystem, paving the way for wider user adoption globally.

Infinity Wallet is the first non-browser-extension, multi-chain all-in-one non-custodial wallet ecosystem of its kind on desktop, supporting over 170,000 users within August. Providing a one-stop solution for seamless usability of DeFi and NFTs, and a gateway to the world of DApps directly within the wallet’s Web3 browser, fulfilling all a user’s needs!

From day one, we have focused on enhancing and providing the best possible user experience and lowering the barrier to entry, to allow for streamlined and secure adoption of DeFi and Web3. Providing a world-class user experience with a seamless user interface, and a full spectrum of constantly growing features and services as a one-stop hub, delivering a more curated in-wallet experience. Making Infinity Wallet the complete solution for all crypto users’ needs, while making adoption and usage of DeFi and Web3 easier than ever before.

Infinity Wallet is also the first desktop platform to provide users with access to the entire Web3 and DApp space without needing to leave their wallet, with the first Web3 browser and DApp store directly within the platform (Browser-less DApps & Web3 - Infinity Wallet). Finally removing the need to ever use unintuitive browser extension wallets again! Providing a far superior, safer and more natural user experience, with a range of unique advantages/benefits for users, DApps and chains alike, while enabling easier adoption.

You can learn more regarding our vision/mission here Vision and Mission - Infinity Wallet as well as more about Infinity Wallet’s current and future features/services/protocols in the docs or information deck shared below. Along with our unique one-stop user focused mobile wallet to come in the future Mobile Wallet Sneak Peaks - Infinity Wallet

The problem today is that while wallets are the most fundamental component required for usage and adoption of a chain and its ecosystem, they are one of the least well developed applications in the crypto ecosystem. Wallets currently act mainly as an interface, serving primarily as a transaction signing layer, with very limited functionality or direct features/services/protocols (users generally have to search, find, learn and interact with many different applications and services), and are generally lacking in basic UX, while providing very unprofessional, hard to use and aesthetically poor user interfaces. This has been sufficient for the early adopters in crypto, however, for the next billion users to onboard to Web3, a more curated and high quality user experience is required.

Infinity Wallet steps in to fill this need, as a one-stop hub for all DeFi, NFT and Web3 activity. Providing a unique solution with a full spectrum of services, features and protocols in a premium platform, with a focus on delivering a seamless user experience and a user centric interface. Streamlining accessibility and lowering the barrier to entry, to allow for true adoption of DeFi & Web 3.0 globally.

You can also find problem/solution, as well as value add in our information deck on pages 4, 5, 6 and 25 here

We believe Fuse will make a great addition to the Infinity Wallet and will be well received by both our and the Fuse ecosystem’s users, which is why we have reached out to cooperate on this integration. As a unique one of a kind ecosystem, we look to integrate and collaborate with chains that are innovating the space, to provide users (of Web3, DApps, DeFi, NFTs, etc.) with access to all of their crypto needs, and provide chains with much needed value (infrastructure, features/services and a premium quality platform). Integrating chains across our wide range of features/services and supporting their Web3 ecosystems (DApps & Tokens) is a consuming task however, hence why we can only integrate/support chains that are able to collaborate with us.

Infinity Wallet will benefit the Fuse ecosystem and holders by providing a unique all-in-one wallet & ecosystem solution on desktop (with mobile to come in the future), with a focus on premium quality. Delivering a seamless user experience and a user-centric interface, along with access to current and a wide range of constantly growing features/services. Providing Fuse access to the many advancements we have, that are already bringing real value to the crypto/blockchain space.

Infinity Wallet will allow Fuse and its ecosystem to be more easily adopted and used by the general public, in a unique multi-chain crypto wallet and Web3/DApp browser built for the masses, and used already by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide to access DeFi and connect to Web3/DApps directly within their wallet. As a one-stop platform for all users to directly access all their DeFi, Web3 and crypto needs, making adoption of the Fuse ecosystem as easy and intuitive as possible and boosting awareness, usage and utility.

Below are some of the key features and services that chains are already benefiting from within Infinity Wallet, and that could benefit and bring value to the Fuse ecosystem:

  • Portfolio and Analytics Monitoring/Dashboard;

  • Web3 browser and DApp store (One-click connect to DApps, with utmost discoverability and use of a chains’ ecosystem);

  • Cross-chain swap and bridge (Swap/Bridge between multiple supported chains);

  • NFT support to manage (view, send and receive) and trade NFTs;

  • Advanced Transaction History and balance/value charts;

  • Custom Token Importing (Allowing any token to be imported, even if not default supported);

For a detailed look over our many current and future features/services please see our information deck available at (pages 10-24 list core features/services and roadmap), or our docs here (detailing further information on core features/services and secondary features, as well our roadmap)

The goal of this grant would be the complete integration of Fuse into Infinity Wallet and its wide range of features/services for unparalleled ease of use and adoption of Fuse. While also providing Fuse with a wide range of additional benefits and access to a vast user base of over 170,000 users within August and growing, bringing constant utility, awareness and adoption.

The timeline for integration would take around 4-5 weeks from start to live launch. While maintenance, ecosystem support (direct DApp & token integrations and ecosystem collaborations) and future developments into available features/services and platforms will be on-going.

Partnership benefits
By integrating Fuse we will bring a wide range of constant benefits and open the doors to easier ecosystem usability and discoverability, which will result in a more seamless user friendly experience and allow for easier adaption of the Fuse network. Some additional benefits include:

  • Free integration of Fuse Web3 Projects/DApps “Ecosystem Support”;

  • Continuous support of Fuse with maintenance and integration into future available features/services/platforms;

  • Free continuous marketing/awareness, through our current and future constantly growing user base;

  • Co-marketing and announcements;

  • Live user-support, providing the ability for Fuse chain users to receive live support, delivering a high quality experience to solve their chain or DApp related issues/questions (live support requests are generally related to the chain’s ecosystem “DApps” or questions regarding a chain, which are issues unrelated to the wallet, as generally most DApps and chains don’t have live support, meaning users fall back to us);

We would be requesting $50,000 in Fuse (or alternatively USDC/USDT) as a single milestone, deliverable after the live launch of Fuse within the Infinity Wallet. This will help to cover initial Fuse integration costs, while we will cover most of the ongoing expenses and provide Fuse with many free benefits.

As a free to use platform supporting over 170,000 users within August, there are many costs to cover when integrating/supporting new chains. This includes integration into the wide range of Infinity Wallet features/services (development and operational costs), providing live customer support to a chain’s users, working with DApp/Token projects on direct integrations (driving easy ecosystem discoverability and adoption), and continuous development support for chains into future available features/services. This is why we work with chains on a grant basis, to help cover some of the integration/development costs, allowing us to support the chain across the Infinity Wallet and work with chains’ & DApps’ teams on growing the ecosystem.

Additionally, as part of the grant we would be waiving our usual DApp integration fee for Fuse DApps/Ecosystem projects that meet our requirements. Allowing them to be freely integrated into the Infinity Wallet Web3 Browser and DApp store, driving further awareness and growth to the Fuse Ecosystem. As an example 20 DApp ($5,000 per a DApp yearly) integrations would usually be $100,000 in yearly fees.

Additional Information

You can download the live Infinity Wallet for desktop (with mobile in the works), supporting Windows, Linux and Mac :

Link to our information deck, which will provide further information on the Infinity Wallet and its features and future plans.

Link to our docs which will explain more in-depth certain features and our roadmap: as well as mobile sneak peak Mobile Wallet Sneak Peaks - Infinity Wallet

Link to more information along with a video on Browser-less Web3 allowing users to use any DApp directly in the Infinity Wallet, bringing easier DApp discoverability/adoption: Browser-less DApps & Web3 - Infinity Wallet


Thanks for the great and detailed proposal.
I have some questiuons.

  • What would be the time-frame on this, fuses goal is to provide financial services where they are either unavailable, and or not financially feasible. A main target being ppl in developing countries, that often do not have access to a PC, and would be doing most financial interactions via a mobile phone .
  • What crypto chains have already been integrated?
  • What is your user growth rate ? per month? per year?
  • When did you first Launch?
  • How many ppl are in your team?
  • Can you provide links to some of you team member socials.
  • What are your teams qualifications?
    Thank you for your time . Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @SupportivePengu, in-regards to your questions:

What would be the time-frame on this, fuses goal is to provide financial services where they are either unavailable, and or not financially feasible. A main target being ppl in developing countries, that often do not have access to a PC, and would be doing most financial interactions via a mobile phone
Infinity Wallet is currently available on desktop/laptop/Mac and with mobile coming soon. However since most Web3/DeFi activity is transacted on PC, it would be a good opportunity for FUSE to be integrated into the first desktop wallet to provide a user friendly portal to Web3.

What crypto chains have already been integrated?
You can find a list of chains supported via partnerships/grants here: Supported Chains - Infinity Wallet

What is your user growth rate ? per month? per year?
On average over the past year we have acquired 450 new users a day joining the platform, which is equivalent to around 164,250 new users per year.

When did you first Launch?
We were established in 2019.

How many ppl are in your team?
Related to the integration of Fuse there would be 5 team members working on it, with a time-frame of around 4 weeks for integration, while on-going support will be continuous.

What are your teams qualifications?
You can find more information on the core team here: Infinity Wallet Team Information - Google Docs


thank you for the proposal @InfinityWallet! I have redirected it to our BD team, please let us know the contact info (email/telegram) of the person we can reach out to for a follow-up. Cheers!

Great questions @SupportivePengu! :mechanical_arm:

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Hi @Misha, it would be best to reach out to Aron either via:
Email -
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @aron_infinity

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Thank you for the information @InfinityWallet! I’ll follow up with our BD team regarding this proposal and get back to you shortly

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Hi @Misha, sounds good we look forward to hearing back.

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hi @InfinityWallet! I’ve reached out to @aron_infinity on telegram - although it would definitely be a mutually beneficial partnership, our team is not allocating grants for wallet integrations at the moment.

We would love to stay in touch and revisit your proposal in future though!

After 7 months there was no more news, what happened to all this? It looked good…

Hi @Pablorosatti, we do still look to support Fuse if there is interest in the future! Although while we provide much more than just wallet functionality in our unique all-in-one Wallet, Web3 Browser and complete ecosystem, it looks like we have been grouped into a wallet category, which unfortunately seems to not be an area of active development for @Misha it would seem, even though we bring many advancements.

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