Fuse.io x Shard Labs Grant Proposal


Shard Labs would research the Fuse chain technology and deploy strategic projects in collaboration with Fuse DAO. To fund the research and development, Shard Labs asks for a Validator slot to cover the costs. In return, Shard Labs would provide top-level expertise, expand the ecosystem, and secure the network.

The goal is the deployment of next-generation DeFi protocols on Fuse. With only 30 million USD in TVL ecosystem is in its infancy. Shard Labs is capable of kicking it off in line with FUSE DAO vision of growth and expansion by deploying infrastructure that matches other major blockchains and can satisfy any user type needs.


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is a startup founded in 2018, and we accompany our clients on the path to a holistic digital transformation. Profound blockchain tech knowledge and business understanding allows us to create unique solutions and deliver excellence.

We believe and enjoy working on blockchain, especially when projects bring alliances, partnerships, and talent from every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem.

Shard Labs has a team of researchers and developers oriented towards cutting-edge initiatives. The team has extensive experience working with multiple solutions and clients such as Ethereum Foundation, Polygon, Polkadot, NEAR, Starkware, Moonbeam, etc…

Our polyvalent multidisciplinary team of experts ensures all successful project execution components , from strategy and conception to digital solutions.


Decentralization is one of the cornerstones of every blockchain project. Having a more decentralized project means that it’s also becoming more robust and resistant to attacks of any kind. Shard Labs team provides support with validator hosting on many industry-leading blockchains like Near, Polygon, Kusama, Polkadot, and many more. We would like to expand our list of partnerships and contribute to FUSE development.

With Fuse validator, Shard Labs team has enough incentives for the initial due diligence, technology research, and first phase of project setup/development in collaboration with Fuse DAO.


The total budget for the project is 100k FUSE as it is a minimum stake for a validator slot on the network.


FUSE TVL being only $30m and most of it being DEX/Bridge liquidity it is no secret that the ecosystem lacks several top notch DeFi protocols. Collaboration with Shard Labs enables Fuse to create infrastructure to handle today’s requirements and bridge liquidity from other chains to power the growth, onboard more people from the crypto DeFi community, and have a large impact on brand awareness.



StarkWare ecosystem:

Polygon ecosystem:

Kerberus Prime (PoS validatos):

IBetYou (https://ibetyou.xyz/) - multichain dapp

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Part 2:
NEAR ecosystem

DappNode - Part of the core team, infrastructure improvements, DevOps

Ethereum Foundation:

Celo ecosystem:

Polkadot ecosystem:

  • Identity directory
  • Kusama Tips widget
  • Ink Remix plugin

Hi @Marin_Shard - thanks for the proposal.

Just to be clear, in return for the 100k Fuse to run a Fuse validator, you would port/install the software portfolio (Part 1 and 2) onto the Fuse network?

With these products, are there any dependencies (such as bridge liquidity etc) that are required to make them function correctly?

How long would it take you deploy the portfolio and what would be the method of driving user engagement with them?

Are these your website/twitter?



Hi Rob,

portfolio is listed as proof of work / quality.
FuseDAO shown interest for Liquid Staking protocol. We are ready to open discussions about other protocols too but single validator slot can’t cover the expenses for all of them.

Yes that is our Twitter:)

If anything else is unclear, please let me know and I’ll try to clarify ASAP.


Shard Labs

Hi @Marin_Shard - sorry for the delay in getting back.

I’m not clear as to what you will deliver for the 100k Fuse grant. Is it there just to get your interest in Fuse Network?

If so, what would be the basis for you to deploy/build software products - grant payments, dev costs, bounties etc?

Liquid Staking could be of interest - could you specify a grant requirement for that, as the DAO has to have a deliverable to basis a decision on.

We don’t give grants without some measurable expansion of the Fuse ecosystem.

Hey Rob,

to make it clearer a bit more:
It would not cost Fuse anything as it is just pushing Shard validator to active set.
100k is still under DAO control. That would enable us to dedicate people to check the tech and give estimates, align with DAO vision and push towards the DeFi protocol building.

Meanwhile during the discovery your bonus is higher network decentralisation by Kerberus (Shards dedicated validator team for this)