Proposal to integrate BitKeep*Fuse Blockchain


BitKeep wallet would love to integrate Fuse Blockchain. By integrating Fuse blockchain we are paving the way for the Fuse ecosystem to grow at a rapid pace. This integration will be gate opening for all the projects built or being built on Fuse blockchain.


BitKeep is one of the most comprehensive decentralized multi-chain wallet which combines Wallet, BitSwap, DeFi, Dapp and NFT together, aiming to become the largest entry to decentralized world.

BitKeep have the largest community in Asia. BitKeep have 4,800,000+ Registered users, 45,000+ Tokens in assets, 30+ Public Chains integrated, 8,000+ Dapps, supporting 6 Languages while covering 200+ Countries. I would like to breakdown the features of the Bitkeep below:

  • In App Swap function
  • In App Bridge function
  • In App NFT display
  • In App dApp function
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Largest community in Asia
  • Huge following and engagement on social networks
  • Soon to launch IWO

Bitkeep is a great multichain wallet which has no competitor so far.

We want to form a partnership by integrating the Fuse blockchain. We believe that we can grow the ecosystem of the Fuse network because we have a huge community and great features.

Partnership benefits

By integrating Fuse blockchain we will open doors for many projects to get integrated to BitKeep wallet which will result in heavy expansion and adaption of Fuse network. Let me breakdown the benefits below out of this partnership:

  • Integrating DEXes on Fuse blockchain
  • Huge publicity through our large community
  • Bridge Fuse to BSC,Polygon,Heco,Solana,Tron,Ethereum,OEC and many other
  • Co-marketing
  • AMA’s in our community
  • Integration of multitype projects on Fuse blockchain


We seek $50000 in grant as Development cost.


Hi - Thanks for the proposal. Great initiative.

Few questions:

Could you outline how the DeFi functions work - BKSwap and BKBridge?

Is BKswap a DEX aggregator? Would it just look at DEX and offer swap routes to it, or does it require new LPs?

How does BKBridge work? Usually there are liquidity requirements on every chain - would that be the same for BKBridge. For example - bridging Fuse to Fantom or Polygon?



Hi, Thanks for showing interest in this proposal which truly can expand Fuse ecosystem.
happy to answer your question.
Q1: Is BKswap a DEX aggregator? Would it just look at DEX and offer swap routes to it, or does it require new LPs?
Answer: BKswap aggregates different DEX protocols together and yes it would just offer swap routes directly from Fuse DEX and it does not need new LPs.

Q2: How does BKBridge work? Usually there are liquidity requirements on every chain - would that be the same for BKBridge. For example - bridging Fuse to Fantom or Polygon?
Answer: The same principle as BKswap applies to cross-chain bridges. we have already integrated many bridges to BKbridge which means users can use different bridges to go cross chain easily. As for the liquidity part some of the liquidity is provided by the project and some of the liquidity is provided by us.
I hope your questions have been answered if you still have some points to clarify I am more than happy to answer.
looking forward to proceed further with this proposal because it’s gonna be the game changer for us all.


Great - understand the BKSwap functionality.

Still not sure how the BKBridge works.

Fuse chain has it’s own Fuse <> Eth and Fuse <>BSC bridge. We also have other projects deploying their bridges - Elk plus 2 others.

Could you explain how a user will bridge Fuse on Fusechain to Fantom within the wallet?

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In simple words BKbridge is not a bridge itself and we integrate different bridges to our wallet so our users can use already deployed bridges within our wallet but all depends on the capacity of the bridge to handle transactions. Let me explain in details.

Once we integrated Fuse blockchain we will also integrate Fuse bridge to our BKbridge then user will be using Fuse bridge within our wallet.
Second option would be our developers will develop a contract and find a way to connect that contract to your already existing contract to make a bridge but that will be expensive for an average user to use as transaction fee will be much higher.

3rd option would be that our developers and our developers build a new contract together then we both put liquidity on that contract for transactions to work.

4th condition will be we integrate another bridge which already supports Fuse blockchain with many other blockchains which would benefit the Fuse users.

I hope you can understand the working of BKbridge now. If we still have question feel free to ask.

BKBridge is not a bridge itself. BKBridge is actually a docking point for many bridges. We have integrate d many bridges from different partners which normal users can use within our wallet.

Let me explain in simple words:

1st option would be we integrate Fuse chain and also integrate Fuse chain bridge and users can use Fuse chain bridge within our wallet.

2nd option would our developers make a contract and we integrate with your contract to create a bridge which can be used to switch between all the chains we support but that will be very expensive for the normal user because of higher gas fees.

3rd option would be that our developers and your developers make a joint contract and we both provide liquidity for daily user transaction

I hope that you are clear about BKBridge now if you still have some unclear points I am happy to answer them.


Hi Lyon,

Could you outline the Bitget exchange and if there is any integration with Bitkeep wallet and projects listed there?

Regarding the options above - option 1 is probably the only viable option at the moment for both parties.

Bitget exchange is our partner but if Fuse needs to integrate Bitget it have nothing to do with BitKeep but we can give you favour and help you get listed on Biget on priority bases and even help you get some extra discount on listing fees.

Yeah! first option is the best for both parties.

Should we move forward with this proposal then?

Yes, thanks for your time answering questions.

This has been discussed with the DAO members. Integration with the exchange is of interest to us.

Without the exchange, just the Wallet integrations with Fuse network RPC, swap and bridge functions as described in option 1, we would be able to offer a grant of $15,000 USD.

As a DAO out preferred payment method is Fuse tokens on Fusenet, although we can discuss options.

Happy to discuss further if required,


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Hi Rob,
Thanks for the positive feedback and we would love to integrate Fuse blockchain with all the dApps and NFT’s but $15,000 grant is not enough because this whole grant will be used for integration purposes and Bitkeep do not make any profit out of it.

I would suggest that you offer $30,000 in grant.

we can accept Fuse tokens on Fusenet.

In case of listing on Bitget we can help you negotiate listing fees and most probably get a discount.

looking forward to hear from you soon.


Hi Lyon,

We can increase the grant to $20,000 for the wallet integration. The proposal would go to a DAO vote, members having a free choice on whether to agree with the proposal or not.

Let me know,


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Hi Rob,

I have talked to our team and they agreed to accept this grant.
We can move forward with this proposal. You can go ahead with DAO vote.


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Hi Lyon,

Great - I’ll set up the DAO vote here and post a link to it. Sorry for the late reply, it’s Christmas season, so we’re all on holiday.

I’ll get the vote going tomorrow - they usually run for 3 days.

Hi Rob,

Amazing, Yeah do that and I hope DAO will pass this proposal.
Have a happy Christmas and happy Holidays.
Looking forward to hear from you soon


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Hi Lyon,

Could we confirm the grant payment schedule - we usually provide the grant after delivery of the product (i.e. after Fuse wallet integration has happened). Would that be suitable?

Hi Rob,

Unfortunately that won’t be suitable for us. We take upfront grant for integration. Once we receive the grant integration will start right away and integration on our side is super fast.
Let me know what you think, Thanks.


Hi Lyon,

Votes which require a 100% upfront grant payment aren’t normally passed by the DAO.

They are more likely to vote favourably for a split grant.

I would suggest:

$10,000 upfront now at project start.
$10,000 when the project is completed.

This balances both our risks equally

Let me know, Rob

(Grant payments in Fuse token on fusenet. We usually take a 3 day average price from coingecko to work out the amount of tokens)

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Hi Rob,

Your suggestion is good and we can accept this, please go ahead with the proposal.


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Have opened a vote here:

As it’s New Year it’s running for 5 days to give enough time for people to vote.


Looking forward for this proposal to pass with majority.