Bridge over interest-bearing coins

Fuse is great for cheap DeFi participation. For lots of users which can’t afford Ethereum or BSC gas fees, fuse is a nice alternative.

It would be amazing to have interest-bearing tokens on fuse, bridged over from ETH or BSC. For example, cUSDC from compound, or tokens from Yearn. Having multiple interest-bearing tokens will give the fuse community the ability to arbitrage different interest rates while staying on fuse network.

One difficulty is for these tokens, if there are rewards in the form of COMP or other such tokens, we will need a way to disburse those to the users. A simple wrapper could be made which would sell those tokens and re-deposit the proceeds. We could use the ERC4626 standard.

Any thoughts? I think a good first step would be to attempt this wrapper contract with’s Apeswap tokens on BSC, since the gas fees are lower than ethereum. If it works we can begin moving tokens over from other protocols on BSC or ethereum