Increasing Defi support for Fuse


Fuse is growing in popularity and TVL is increasing on the network. For Fuse to grow further, it will need greater defi support and dapps.

Right now Fuse has a set of basic defi dapps:
Fuseswap - Dex
Ola - Collateralized Lending @ 20% LTV
Ichi - ETH based stablecoin issuance

This is a great start, but to grow there are several key dapps which need to be launched for Fuse to grow:

Stablecoin/Like-kind asset swap (Curve)
Decentralized stablecoin issuance (Maker, SPELL, FRAX, etc)
Autocompounding (Yearn, Beefy, Eleven)
OlympusDao fork using FUSE based stable coins (requires above)
Synthetic asset creation

I’m sure that I’ve forgot a few other catagories, but these are the core dapps which need to be built on Fuse asap.

I propose that a grant be setup for any builders who want to build one of these projects and their priority be made high.

thank you all for your time and support

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