Cross-chain Explorer for Fuse in 3 months

Hi everyone!

I’m Liza from GetBlock - a blockchain infrastructure provider. Our proposal for Fuse is building a cross-chain explorer with public developer API.


GetBlock Cross-chain Explorer for Fuse is a user-friendly blockchain explorer in a smooth app-like interface. The basic functionality will also include public API for developers and cross-chain transactions display.

Our explorer will provide on-chain data insights such as transactions, blocks, nodes, accounts and analytical dashboard. However, core functionalities also include public API development along with cross-chain functionality. Moreover, our explorer seeks to improve the design side as well.
We believe it is important to foster ties between projects in the Web3 space as well as to grow the decentralized ecosystem of apps and tools.That is why we aim at building a user-friendly blockchain explorer in an app-like modern interface. We want to build an easy-to understand tool fit for both newbies and crypto-savvy individuals.
At the moment we’re focused on building for EVM-compatible chains like Fuse, and our experience in such development allows us to significantly reduce time and costs to release a product.
Our team has a history of working with Fuse in terms of infrastructure support: we even had an AMA event this year to talk about it. With this in mind, we believe that we can top up our partnership with an explorer like the proposed.

Here you can take a look at our milestones for the basic functionality

Milestone 1 - Explorer (~ 6 weeks)

The first milestone will lead to the blockchain explorer release (without FT/NFT display).

The explorer will include the following pages:

  • Dashboard

  • Accounts overview + single account page

  • Block overview + single block page

  • Transactions overview + single transaction page

Apart from the explorer we will build a public API with the following methods

  • Account - Get by address, Get latest active, List transactions, daily transaction rate statistic for an account (in\out\total)

  • Block - Get by hash/height, List latest, List transactions

  • Tx - Get, List latest, Statistics for tx counts per block, fee dynamic

  • Logs - Get by Tx, Get by block

  • Total amount of blocks, tx and accounts and their daily dynamic,

  • Average block production time and current transaction rate per second

Milestone 2 - Cross-chain transactions (~ 6 weeks)

The second milestone will lead to the separate cross-chain structure release consisting of 2 pages:

  • List of cross-chain transactions

  • Single cross-chain transaction page

However, these are only the basic milestones. We can go even further than that and add the following ones to enrich the basic cross-chain explorer:

Milestone 3 - FT/NFT detalization (2 months)

  • Smart contracts parsing

  • Display the details about the transaction

  • Display token information on the single account page

Milestone 4 - Charts and stats dashboard (1 month)

  • Analytics dashboard: Block (Average time), Tx (Daily count, Average fee), Account (Daily active, Top Holders), Contracts (Daily Created), Market (Price, Capitalization), Chain (TVL)

The milestones 3&4 are optional, we can leave them out or choose either one of them if you are interested.

Depending on the variation chosen the breakdown can be as follows:

Basic Functionality (3 months):

  1. Explorer+Public API = $15,000 (Milestone 1)
  2. Cross-chain display = $8,000 (Milestone 2)

Total: $23,000

FT/NFT detalization (2 months) =$10,000

Charts and stats dashboard (1 month) = $8,000

We can deploy basic functionality for $23,000 OR basic functionality + FT/NFT for $33,000 OR basic functionality + Charts and stats dashboard for $31,000.

There’s also an option to choose all three parts: Basic Functionality + FT/NFT + Charts and stats dashboard = $41,000

You can check out a more detailed info in our project deck at this link: GetBlock Explorer: EVM - Google Drive

You’ll find roadmaps, design mockups, team info, other released projects and my contacts there in addition to the info I’ve mentioned in this proposal:)

Hope you enjoy it!

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hi @Liza_Allen! Thank you for your time to make this proposal, although I believe we were already reached out to by your colleagues earlier in July - Providing a Blockchain Explorer for the Fuse ecosystem

At least for now we have to respectfully reject the proposal, because since recently we have a dedicated team of external devs that work on maintaining and upgrading the current blockscout version of

In case the team’s position changes we will make sure to reach back and reassess your proposal!