Fuse explorer<> Fusescan

Within many investors are quite know well about how to use etherscan,and how useful of its to blockchain. I think Fusexplorer should be developed to Fusescan. As of this moment, it is impossible to see holders list of a token on fuse explorer,also it isn’t inconvenient to view it on mobile version, and it is quite not easy to track the data.

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You can actually see the token holders, for example you can see the addresses that hold fUSD here: Fuse Dollar (fUSD) - Fuse - BlockScout

However, Fuse explorer should indeed be updated for other reasons especially to make it more developer friendly.

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oh yes. I think i’ve mistaken this holder point from other explorer. But as you just mentioned, it needs to be more updated -or maybe integrate etherscan team to design a fusescan as how familiar of its going to be much more easier for Fuse Defi farmers.