Providing a Blockchain Explorer for the Fuse ecosystem


The GetBlock team would like to apply for the FUSE Grant to:

  • Deploy a custom block explorer designed for the Fuse blockchain.
  • Maintain and update the Fuse block explorer in accordance with further developments.

Home page with brief information on blocks and transactions

About GetBlock, a service that provides instant API connection to full nodes from many leading blockchain platforms, started its operations in 2019. The mission of the GetBlock project is to ensure cost-effective tools and infrastructure that will help enterprises and individual developers to build high-quality blockchain applications faster.

GetBlock is among the leaders of the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) segment: its instruments are utilized daily by thousands of users worldwide. Their clients can get their wallets, DEXs, bots, games to 40+ blockchains via an intuitive API-powered dashboard.

Besides providing access to shared and dedicated nodes, GetBlock can empower businesses with other products, like custom development services for enterprises and startups or raw data for certain top blockchains. Also, the GetBlock team can create a customized explorer for every blockchain and dApp.


A block explorer allows users to view the information contained in any block in the chain, from the genesis block all the way up to the most recently created block. It can be used to check transactions from any address, look at transaction history, and view and verify the contents of smart contracts. Block explorers are essential for blockchains because they allow users to navigate through a complex field of information that is unreadable in its raw form.

GetBlock will build a multi-chain block explorer that combines the most popular cryptocurrencies. Fuse will become one of the first projects that will have a block explorer built and promoted by the team.

Fuse Block Explorer by GetBlock will provide similar functionality to Etherscan (the most widely used block explorer in the Ethereum community), along with an improved user interface so that anyone can understand what information is being displayed. It will be built with a minimalistic design along with intuitive features with a comprehensive result of anything that is searched.

The real-time UI will provide updates as they happen on the chain. Actual information on balances, blocks, transactions, mempool size and so on will be displayed by interactive tables and schemes and can be easily analyzed.

The blockchain explorer will be powered by GetBlock nodes, which guarantees accurate and actual data.


The roadmap is split into three milestones and it takes about 6 months to complete the block explorer MVP. It will take up to 9 months to reach the sequential milestones.

Milestone 1 (3 months):

  1. Research the interaction process between the RAW objects (blocks, transactions, etc.) of a node;
  2. ETL development process for objects migration into an external database;
  3. Raw objects transformation into extended objects (balance addresses for each height of blockchain, etc.);
  4. Designing the block explorer.

Milestone 2 (2 months):

  1. Setting up infrastructure for the block explorer;
  2. Web application development;
  3. Testing.

Milestone 3 (1 month):

  1. Optimization;
  2. Bug fixing;
  3. Preproduction deployment.


15K in USDT for deployment, operation and maintenance of the block explorer for Fuse.


Thanks for the proposal - will post any questions here :+1:


The results of the vote are here:

The vote was a No.

However, we’d be pleased to receive another proposal once there is a MVP to assess the functionality over the existing block explorer.

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I see this was voted down some time ago, but there wasn’t much discussion about it here before doing so. A new explorer for fuse network would be great to see. Can someone shed some light on why this proposal was rejected? Are there plans for a new explorer in the future?

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@SupportivePengu, sorry for the belated response - one of the reasons why the proposal was rejected is that since recently we have a dedicated team of external devs that work on maintaining and upgrading the current explorer version, so essentially any feature that is required/proposed by the community can be added if its a popular opinion.

I’ll rearrange the current forum structure to also include a feature requests section for the explorer proposals which should do the trick and allow us to continuously improve the current explorer instead

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Hello Fuse team!
Just wanted to let you know that we released our first blockchain explorer, you can take a look at it: NEAR Protocol Explorer — track NEAR blockchain information

If you have any questions or would like to continue our cooperation on the grant, please, let me know, we would love to work with you.