Executing on new ideas

We also need a new approach to handling good suggestions and gathering the talent in the community needed to make the idea possible, including the creation of Fuse or Voltage Bonds which can be funded or invested in by other fuse or voltage users so the ideas are well funded enough to get started.

To get there maybe users can rate or vote on new ideas which i will explain in a new suggestion.


Great suggestion @oliver18754! Would be happy to hear if there are any approaches you’ve seen used by other projects that we can potentially deploy, but currently, suggestions to the Fuse team are reviewed after users leave a suggestion/request on this section of the forum. Other users can upvote the proposal and share it around the channels for traction. In any case would be happy to learn how we can make the process better :pray:

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Why not use snapshot votes from VOLT holders to determine what ideas to focus on for a given period of time? For example we can have a poll of “what idea to focus on for september 2022” or something, then see what comes of the dedicated focus for 1 month


That’s a good point @dericecourcy, i’ll share this suggestion with the team - we can do something like this but with FUSE token holder snapshot - thanks for the feedback! :mechanical_arm: