Fuse Testnet - Spark update, week 06/09

Hi everybody, first here is our new deck just so you have a chance to see how we present our vision
Second, we are preparing to launch Spark in a few weeks and i wanted to update about the process:

  1. We need to manually test voting, from the current consensus to FIP8. Need to be sure that this transition is smooth
  2. Verify the calculations of the formula rewards in excel vs the blockchain balances. Need to run a one node on no-prunning mode so we can get balances across all blocks.
  3. Add unit testing more unit tests and flows for withdrawals and deposits. See that they don’t break stuff.

This will be during this week and if all the tests pass we will update the network during next week.
The parameters for launch currently are minimum of 250K Fuse and Maximum of 5M Fuse and regarding fixed reward fee vs minimal rewards fee, we are still debating, leaning towards the minimal fee approach. We will share more about what we think is better later until the next update.