FIP8 status and updates

Hey everybody,
want to give you an update about the FIP8 status. So technically what’s left to do is:

  • adding maximum for stake per validator, and configure the value
  • update the validator’s staked amount and total stake in the beginning of the cycle, so validators can’t manipulate the reward.

We also would like to increase the minimum stake per node, because having many validators makes the bridge unstable. We are suggesting a max value of 2.5 million per node and a minimum of 0.5 million. So, for example, with 50 million of Fuse released, the number of validators is going to be between 20 to 100.

The optional features that we want to implement but may be postponed to new FIPs:

  • governance voting need to take into account validator’s stake.
  • locking period for staking
  • minimum delegation fee

FIP8 for technical details

Our testnet is, once again, live!
The testnet rpc is:

We invite you to take part in it as well, piloting our latest network updates (FIP8!).
To run a node use the quickstart script from:
For test Fuse feel free to mail me on

the testnet contracts are:

  "BlockReward": "0x3b8C048DdEC04709125aF939360BDD619Ec6e9E3",
  "Consensus": "0xF5C4782d61611e12CD9651355841716ea1801d5c",
  "ProxyStorage": "0x7C6D56A0Df28791bDCDcd38a3315991EC54Cf18F",
  "Voting": "0xa76E7b74D78a964140BF705c9C77208164511e0c"

I’ll elaborate more about the testnet plans in a separate thread

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What are the pros/cons of the max/min staking? And what are the benefits of setting a maximum stake rather than unlimited?

Hey @RB_1010,
With unlimited staking we just might have too small number of nodes. With max limit you can will need to split the Fuse to multiple nodes (like you’re doing now). But ofc the number got to be reasonable. So if someone runs now 20 nodes for example, he would need to run 2.

Makes sense for you guys?

Thanks Leon, yes that makes sense. It’s just a way to ensure the “not to little, not too many” number of validators is reached. A way of balancing the network and ensuring multiple nodes, not just a few.

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