Fuse 2.0 Technical Roadmap Comments & Feedback

This is the place to share your comments and feedback on the upcoming Fuse 2.0 technical roadmap updates to the Fuse network.

We encourage all developers, validators, and community members to participate in this discussion by sharing their thoughts and opinions. Let’s work together to make Fuse the best platform for decentralized finance!

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Roadmap reads well, makes sense and presents a good picture of where Fuse is heading and the vision behind it. It’s 100x better than the WP (which should probably be dropped).

The changes coming with the Beacon Chain will be very significant. Looking forward to info on LS and Power Validators. Changes to tokenomics to reduce inflation and up tx costs are imo a good development as long as the value to businesses is there in Fuse (useful SDK and APIs) - no point just being more expensive for no reason.

These needs to be really clearly communicated so validators and users understand them. Communication will be key in bringing the community along with these developments.

Anything on tx Fee Burning - EIP 1559 style, or is that just part of the upgrade to Eth PoS? If so, a detailed list of changes due to the upgrade to Eth PoS is required.