Fuse Documentation

In absence of a more relevant category, I add this request in here.

I would like to see documentation that explains in simple terms the possibility to work with smart contracts deployed on ethereum main network. In other words, how does Fuse enable cross chain functionality and how may we take advantage of it?
What trade offs in terms of centralization are there, if any?
I have a lot of ideas, my implementation skills in solidity are basic. More importantly however, is that I do not have a clear understanding of Fuse in order to evaluate feasibility. It is easier to do so on other platforms where documentation is adequate, even if not able to code yet.
If this is fixed, then Fuse may have made a great step toward adoption, user base expansion.


Agree - the full functionality of Fuse needs to be documented, with easy walk throughs and “how to’s”.

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Hey @fuser! Thank you for your question and thoughtful suggestion! We are continuously adding more information to our docs where you can learn more details about Fuse. We are also creating an ‘about Fuse’ section here on the forum in the near future.

Elaborating on your question about functionality - each community that is generated using the studio has it’s own bridge the bridge is used to communicate between etherum mainnet and fuse net. Fuse net is a POS ethside chain as such it is compatible with any etherum contract. Their are many advantage of running a community of fusenet the main two being:

Massively reduced cost, current transactions are <0.001cents and will never be above 1cent

Higher TPS and faster transaction speed compared to mainnet. Fuse net blocks are every 5 seconds and each block can hold the same amount of transactions as an Ethereum block (block time on eth is upwards of 30 seconds)

• Use of all the studio features (plugin, business lists, on/ off ramps and so on)

Fuse chain is a completely decentralized DPOS which is run and controlled by validators