Fuse Assembly - Governance on the Fuse Network

Introducing the Fuse Assembly

The Fuse Assembly has started as a group of 5 community members who are actively involved in the Fuse Network as validators, stakers and technical contributors.

Full details are here:


We are currently working through how to manage and organise the Assembly. The first step is the implementation of Snapshot here: https://snapshot.org/#/fusedao.eth

Snapshot uses on chain voting to manage governance.

To find out more about Snapshot visit: https://docs.snapshot.org/

To test Snapshot and introduce the community to voting on the platform we are going to start with 3 simple proposals to vote on:

  1. The Minimum Fuse wallet balance to create a Proposal on Snapshot
  2. The Name of the Fuse Assembly
  3. The Fuse Assembly Logo

Voting is done on chain by signing a message. There is no transaction fee. Votes have a start and end block, so are time limited.

Snapshot looks at the Fuse token balance in your wallet. The proposal option with that largest balance voting for it (the sum of all balances who vote for that option) will pass.

More details will be published here, on twitter and the telegram groups as details are worked out, and an announcement on the first vote will be published in the next week or so.

Joining the Fuse Assembly
If you are interested in contributing to the Fuse Assembly in any way; technical dev, marketing, grants etc please get in contract with @fuseprime in the main telegram chat: https://t.me/fuseio

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