Fuse marketplace

Does fuse have a marketplace, for exchanging or buying or selling anything? If not i recommend they create one!12:26 PM


@oliver18754 hi! There is an NFT marketplace on Fuse called artrific.io where you can create, buy, and sell art projects or individual pieces as NFTs. Or do you mean like a marketplace for physical goods e.g. t-shirts and accessories? I think it’s a great idea, I remember GoodDollar had a marketplace on Facebook where you could redeem physical goods for G$ tokens.

I think this could be an interesting community-driven project as the Fuse team is already occupied working on Fuse Charge launch and upcoming network upgrades. But a good idea non the less @oliver18754, thanks!

There is also Flambu - a marketplace to buy, sell, rent and share items locally. We are soon enabling payments with all tokens on Fuse network. The app is available both in App Store and Google Play Store.