Fuse Network Market Management

Hello FUSE team, you’ve welcomed by crypto-consulting firm Gotbit.io.

I’m Andrew CVO at this firm.
Gotbit is crypto-consulting firm which one helps project to open their full potential on this field
We started our work like MM company, we work since 2017 year and for this time we had a big experience with all exchanges with work and with cooperation

For now we providing all type of business relations: development (Bridges, your own NFT marketplace, games, your own DEX, etc.), Market Making on each direction DEX and CEX, marketing and many other stuff

Our main advantage is that we can provide our service on each type of exchange doesn’t matter DEX or CEX it is
I also have notice that picture on your markets could be better for being attractive for newcomers and giving motivation to your current holders

For contact with me you can use my main tg account @Drusav
Thank you, best regards.