Gmart is a steam for blockchain games products not only popularize Web 3.0 technology, but also serve a social function, allowing people living in the most remote and disadvantaged corners of the world - to make a living having only access to the Internet and a desire to earn. 

I have worked in investment for more than 14 years, and I understand the importance of the project team, to which grants and money are allocated. It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters who you do it with.
We don’t work for a certain group of users. we give everyone a chance to make money: players, speculators, investors, collectors. Because they are all parts of this ecosystem. They all shape the demand and the dynamics of product development.
Gmart advantages: funds from the sale of nft are instantly credited to the seller, the ability to trade without marketplace commission, only whitelisted assests, smart nft portfolio managment, launchpad and instant access to secondary market for new games. Because of its cross-platform nature, gmart brings together an entire audience of crypto-enthusiasts: game developers, players, traders, blockchain creators. This advantage multiplies project audiences and the number of transactions in games.
All these advantages together with the experienced development team make gmart one of the most promising nft projects of this year


looking forward to seeing what you guys make. any updates?