Number of my tokens in rewards pools

Would it be possible to add numbers for both tokens in LP deposited in That would be very useful information. Now if I want to find out the number of tokens I have to withdraw LPs, look in the fuseswap-pools and deposit LP back to pool.

Hi Jan, sorry for the late reply - we show currently the number of tokens staked on the home page did you see?

I see the number of LP tokens but I just need to find out the actual number of tokens in LPs. Eg. number of ETH and number of FUSE in the LPs deposited. Now there is no easy way to find out - must withdraw the LPs and look into Fuseswap/pools.

Oh got it - ok we will see how we can add this to the next version we are currently working on

Hello, was this issue solved? Today I have encountered the problem of not knowing what value my LPs have. Other projects you can easily see the value of the LP and the value of the rewards in dollars. Or maybe it’s fixed when FUSE.IO is 100% active in the new version?