Trustless bridge

Please checkout FIPS9, it is a suggestion for a trustless bridge that would:

  1. not require validators to pay any fees
  2. generic - not specific for “Token Transfers” - that would allow anyone to innovate and create a bridge for their own use case

The bridge is based on two principals

  1. all validators signing the current fuse block header (or a block every X blocks) on the fuse sidechain
  2. all validators sign the current ethereum mainnet block header on the fuse sidechain
  3. use merkle proofs to to prove a tx/storage exists on mainnet/fuse

Thanks for posting this Sirpi!
Is the implementation here similar to this bridge?

Yes it is based on the same idea, of providing proofs based on the blockchains headers.
NEAR bridge uses an onchain ethereum light client (written in rust) to validate eth block headers on NEAR
and uses solidity smart contracts on eth to validate NEAR block headers