Fuse&Volt tokens listed on the AEX exchange

Hello everyone, AEX is an exchange(www.aex.com)that has been operating for 8 years and currently has more than 1 million users. We would like to enter into a long-term partnership with Fuse and assist in promotional matters.In listing the Fuse mainnet tokens, because of the development cost, we would like to apply for listing subsidies, we hope it is about 13,000 USDT(can be determined by Fuse budget), at the same time, we also hope to get part of the tokens can be used for the listed activities and publicity, this is expected to be 10,000 USDT equivalent tokens each, we will support the 2 mainnet tokens of Fuse and Volt,and assisted in the promotion of Fuse&Volt

Looking forward to your reply

Hi - sorry for the late reply on this. For some reason it was missed.

I’m part of the FuseDAO who can assist in grant funding for projects looking to grow the Fuse ecosystem - more info at FuseDAO.com

We are funded directly by the Fuse Foundation, and all long term members and investors in the Network.

Lets open a telegram group to discuss. Could you DM me on telegram at: @fuseprime


OK,yes,I sent you a PM :grinning:@tonytang11

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