Creating public tags for project wallets

Dear Fuse Team,

I’ve been on the FUSE network for a while now. In addition, I am a hodler of the Coineus project.

To use Coineus as an example. This project uses multiple contract wallets for the different staking features.

Both etherscan and bscscan give a project the possibility to name wallets that have a function within a project. As a community, we can see that a number of top wallets are not hodlers but have a function within a project.

In addition, it is also not visible which wallet is now the LP pool. This can of course be found out, but it would be nicer if it was included.

My feature request is therefore:

I would like to see the addition of public tags on the explorer of Fuse. Tags where on the one hand the dev of a project can give names to wallets linked to the project and on the other hand I would like to see the LP addresses also get an add so that people immediately see that it is an LP wallet.

Thank you very much for the time and effort.

Source Block Scout:

CoffeeBrewer, a.k.a. Sjoerd


Thanks for the post @Coffeebrewer! :zap:

The wallet tag feature for is already being worked on, so we could expect the deployment within a few weeks time - will update this post once it’s out.